Blue Star Welcome Week: A Community-Building Event for Military Families

By: Marla Bautista

Moving to a new duty station can be an exciting, but sometimes difficult transition for military families, especially those with small children or those who don't have close friends or family nearby. Blue Star Welcome Week provides an opportunity to meet your community and welcome new members into your neighborhood while also building lasting relationships through social activities that build morale and strengthen the military bond. The result? Families feel less isolated and more connected to their communities and more willing to participate in local events in the future.

What is Blue Star Welcome Week?

Military families come with a host of challenges. There are issues related to daily life, like finding jobs and housing, adapting to military life, and balancing work schedules between both the military spouse and the service member. This is why the military community matters. The Blue Star Welcome Week offers military families an opportunity to meet other military families and the civilian community through free fun-filled activities across the nation. 

Who can participate in Blue Star Welcome Week?

Everyone can participate in Blue Star Welcome Week. Veteran and military connected family members are all welcome to attend events happening all over America. In addition to building lasting relationships with others in the military community, Blue Star Welcome Week also allows for individual families to address challenges faced by military families such as moving around frequently and adjusting to new communities.

Why Should You Attend?

You don't have to move far, or at all, to experience the isolation that comes with being a military family. At Blue Star Welcome Week, you'll be welcomed by a community of people who want to offer you friendship and an outlet from the challenges of military life. You'll find yourself at home when you visit our event. Come visit us! We will be your home away from home. 

This year's Blue Star Welcome Week has a wide variety of activities planned. Not only will there be Coffee Connects, courtesy of Starbucks, there will also be a variety of outdoor activities, ticket offerings to special events, highlighted partner events , and so much more! Military families often face challenges when trying to fit in with new surroundings. Blue Star Welcome Week is designed to help military families get their feet wet in their new communities while experiencing some fun along the way. Want to get involved? Check out Blue Star Welcome Week to learn more about our upcoming events. 

Blue Star Families is a lifestyle organization that is intentional in providing services to our military families that will create a sense of belonging in their communities. And, with military family challenges comes our desire to provide a comfortable space where we not only feel welcomed but also safe. This need cannot be accomplished without both family and volunteers involved. Let's welcome our new military connected families with open arms.