Businesses / Community Organizations

Military-connected families are in our communities and need our support! Due to frequent moves and transitions, the task of establishing a sense of belonging to a community is far from easy for these families. It is not too early to pledge your support for Blue Star Welcome Week 2022! We’re looking for businesses, nonprofits, philanthropists, and others to move us toward our goal of making Blue Star Welcome Week a much-anticipated yearly event. We want to continue raising national awareness and enthusiasm around the need to create moments of welcome for military and Veteran families during Welcome Week and all year long.

Buy paracord bracelets for your employees

Become more connected to your community by having your employees wear Blue Star Welcome paracord bracelets! The red, white, and blue colors represent military and Veteran families of all service branches, and the yellow ribbon represents a commitment to welcome military and Veteran families to their new neighborhoods.

How to Wear the Bracelet:

Left Wrist - Show support. Express that you are here to welcome military and Veteran families who have moved to your community.

Right Wrist - Request a welcome. Show that you are a military and Veteran family who would appreciate a welcome from your neighbors.

Welcome Families

Welcome military- and Veteran-connected families to a location you love! Print out this sign, fill in the blank, take a photo or shoot a short video, and share on social media with #bluestarwelcomeweek.

Hire Military Spouses and Veterans

Hire Military Spouses

Military spouses are adaptable, accustomed to dealing with stress and pressure, and they are committed to service beyond self. If you would like to gain a valuable team member, hire a military spouse.

Hire Veterans

Veterans bring leadership skills and the ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment to your business, among many other excellent qualities they sharpened during their time in the military.

Position Your Brand as an Authentic Supporter of the Military

Twenty-one million service members and Veterans with over $1 trillion in spending power will buy from brands that support them. Plus, support of the military is one of the top three most compelling causes according to Cone Communications. This is a marketing campaign every American can get behind!