Welcome Messages

Thank You for your service and sacrifices. As a member of a military family, I understand how hard things can be. We’re here for you’ll
Teresa R.
Tallahassee, FL
From one military family to another, welcome home!
Calla H.
Iowa City, IA
Welcome! Being a military family can be tough but we are strong and can overcome anything thrown our way.
Carrie J.
Fort Belvoir, VA

As a military spouse, I know the stress and excitement of moving to a new part of the country. We spearhead getting the kids settled with school, turning the house into a home, and learning the community. South Jersey is a great place to live, made even better for having you join us.
Telandria B.
Voorhees, NJ
We’re all in this together and here for you! Also, Fleet and Family Support Center and it’s equivalent are an AWESOME free resource!
Melissa N.
New Orleans, LA
Thanks for sharing your loved one with all of us. They are all blessed! Many positive thoughts for all military families 🙂
lisa d.
garberville, CA
Welcome to Utah! You are very valued in this State and we love having you and your family here. You are the reason America exists and you are the true patriots. God bless you.
Rory M.
Park City, AL
Thank you to the family members for supporting your military member during their endless deployments, missed birthdays, births, missed celebrations, first day of school, taco night, family fun night and all the other things you did daily while your loved one was away protecting us thanks to you!
Sue J.
Arlington, VA
Welcome- I hope you enjoy your new home and wish you good health and happiness!
Sabra F.
kinnelon, NJ
Welcome to this amazing group!
Jacquelyn C.
Beavercreek, OH
We can't thank you enough for the sacrifice you. make every. day to serve the United States and keep everyone safe.
Frances T.
Petaluma, CA
Be present in the moment!
Jennett R.
Yuhan H.
Huntsville, AL
Welcome, welcome, WELCOME!! We are all here to support you along your military-connected journey. Lean on those that have experience and wisdom to share. We look forward to meeting you in our neck of the woods; we have a way of running into each other. ☺️
Rachel K.
Lafayette, IN
Welcome to everyone including traditional and non-traditional families.
Mi W.
Gulfport, MS
Hi there, friends! Finding a new home as you PCS can be challenging yet adventuresome. I hope you see the positive and experience something new as you transition to a new home. Sending best wishes from one military family to another!
Brooklyn H.
Fort Lee, VA
Welcome to Chicago and thank you for your service!
Veronika K.
Chicago, IL
Welcome home. As a veteran I know the transition can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. CTLDomGroup Inc was created for that very reason. To assist our veterans and their families transition into the community. We strive to meet our family needs.
Veteran first, family always.
Tiffany D.
Forest City, IA
There is so much history here in San Angelo. We are a military family also and it has been easy to stay busy and find something for everyone. We hope you grow to like it here too.
Nicole A.
San Angelo, TX
Hi! Welcome to the Blue Star Family!
Shelby R.
Fort Campbell, KY
Welcome it's so hard to connect with others outside of our military community when we all live within civilian communities.
Tisha W.
Peoria, IL
Welcome everyone.
David K.
Salt Lake City, UT
Thank you for your service!
Ashley H.
Fort Worth, TX
Thank you and God bless you!
Serena J.
Austin, TX
Thank you so much for the risk taking everyday to protect our country and others ..
Sp/4 Carrier family.
Lee C.
Oceano, CA
Hope all goes well for you here.
Teresa T.
Eureka, CA
Welcome to the group. We all can make a difference by working together.
Josefina L.
Sonora, CA
Welcome home and thank you for your service!!
Laura S.
Las Vegas, NV
Welcome to Ohio ! Your time here is valuable so make the best of it. Not everywhere is home but this state feels right for my family. We know the struggles of moving and want to encourage you to put yourself out there in the community be brave and know there is support out there for you.
Rebecca M.
Brookville, OH
Thank you for your service!
Kristin H.
Liberty Twp, OH
Jenifer P.
Layton, UT
Welcome to all the Blue Star families...
Marlon B.
Antioch, TN
You are not alone! Reach out and put yourself out there! Ask for resources and help!
Tiffany B.
JB Andrews, MD
Welcome home! Thank you for your sacrifice, bravery, and endurance in working to keep our country safe.
Mia S.
DeKalb, IL
Wherever we have moved we always have each other first and foremost. We find community events and a church to get involved in. We now have “extended” family wherever we go. My hope for you is that you’ll find peace, purpose, and happiness wherever you end up.
Jennifer L.
Libby, MT
Welcome to the neighborhood!
Aaron L.
Cold Spring, NY
Welcome!!! You’re not alone in this transition.
Laura M.
Union Bridge, MD
Thank you for your service and serving our country. My Papa is a veteran. I love living in Fairfield, especially in the summer. I go to the beach at least twice a week. I love the movies and dance parties there and also the sunsets. We hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Christian W.
Fairfield, CT
Welcome , Comrades and your Families! Anywhere and everywhere our military missions send you, we are profoundly grateful for your extraordinary service and sacrifice!!
Gwen B.
Leander, TX
We welcome you 💙♥️
Welcome to Jax! Praying that your transition was without any issues, but it was, praying it gets better! Remember to reach out to your community and try to build that tribe because it will make life so much easier. Bloom where you are planted!
Carolyn L.
Jacksonville, FL
There are lots of fun parks to enjoy in CT. Make sure you visit them all
Shrey F.
Fairfield, CT
We just arrived and really appreciated the opportunities for fun activities and events from BlueStar Families. It's hard being in a hotel for so long and our girls enjoyed meeting other kids.
Marlayna S.
Hill AFB, UT
Welcome to Tampa! We can't wait to welcome you and show you all the wonderful things Tampa Bay has to offer - we have something for everyone from our beautiful beaches to our rocking rollercoasters to the Aquarium, Zoo, and the best breweries! Don't forget to pop by a FIT4MOM class, too!
Regina H.
Tampa, FL
Welcome! We think you’d succeed and do a lot of wonderful things in your new location.
Grety M.
Kailua, HI
Welcome! We are so glad you joined and are here to help.
Dee P.
San Antonio, TX
As a fellow Active Duty (transitioning) spouse, I understand the changes you go through. Remember you’re not alone and you’re strong! Thank you for your service too!
Tina J.
Stafford, VA
Thank you for serving this great nation.
Samuel F.
Warner Robins, GA
PCS season is always overwhelming but it seems to happen in the blink of an eye. It’s nice to have a fresh start in a new place and explore all the wonderful parts of our country and abroad. Each community has something different to offer, part of the fun is finding out what it is!
Athena S.
Murrieta, CA
Thank you for all the service and sacrifice you've done! And for those of you who supported military members at home thank you!
Holly O.
Erda, UT
Thanks for all that you're doing to support our nation and way of life! It totally takes a village to support a service member and their family and Blue Star provides those extra lifelines!
Chris H.
Colorado Springs, CO
Aloha and thank you for your service! Its an honor to recognize this transition for you and your family. Connect with the community, make an impact and be open to accepting to support as you settle in.
Sonia G.
Honolulu, HI
Welcome to you all and enjoy where you are here in the USA
James L.
Converse, TX
Thank you for serving our country!
Kiersten C.
Fairfield, CT
Welcome back, we do appreciate your service and sacrifices you have made for your country and the citizens of this county. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Violetta S.
Mobile, AL
Welcome to your home away from home!
Melissa T.
Happy PCS season to all and especially those posted to Hanscom! We have a good community here.
Yuen L.
Bedford, MA
Welcome to sunny San Diego! It's a beautiful place to live with so much to offer, but can feel intimidating because of its size. Put in the initial work of getting to know the city, your new neighbors, and some of your fellow military families and it will pay off huge. Don't be afraid to join in!
Courtney S.
Chula Vista, CA
Welcome and happy PCS season! Thanks to BSF and similar organizations, this season of our member's military career is made more enjoyable and supportive. Be sure to get out and experience the support and joy your Blue Star Families Chapter is bringing to your area.
Jaime B.
Staten Island, NY
Welcome!!! First of all, thank you for your service. I am excited for you to be here.
Blessings on you and your family
Cindy M.
Flintstone, GA
Thank you for all that you have done and sacrificed! Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones!!
Tunde L.
Baton Rouge, LA
Your courage and sacrifice are admirable. Thank you for being part of this mission that has made this country a safe place, a refuge and a home. As a child of immigrants we thank you for all that you and the sacrifices you have laid down. May God bless you always.
Larissa C.
Park City, KS
Michael B.
Kankakee, IL
Welcome to your new home! Wishing you all the best from your travels and starting your next journey.
Nickie S.
Medford, NJ
Welcome to the area. Wishing you lots of great memories while you are stationed here!
Delisa H.
Great Lakes, IL
Thank you for your service.
Gaulua L.
Magna, UT
Welcome Heroes
Maria W.
Joint Base MDL, NJ
Welcome to southern California! Sunshine, beaches, arts, and entertainment await you! We're glad you're here!
Sheila R.
San Pedro, CA
Thank u
Misganaw T.
Ethiopia, AL
Welcome! You’re going to love it here!
Katheryn S.
Belle Chasse, LA
Hello & thank you for your service! I would love to welcome you to the east valley of AZ. I actually just moved here as well and I will be learning all about the new places and people here too. Just know you are never alone in your newness to a city and that there are friendly people everywhere!
Brianna B.
Tempe, AZ
WELCOME to your next adventure! No matter what stage of life you are in or where you have relocated to, know this is where you are meant to be (even if it doesn't feel that way). Say HI to new people and try new things. Especially the local cuisine. Remember, we are stronger together.
Manda M.
Fort Polk, LA
Thank you for your service and sacrifices.
Jessica M.
Vacaville, CA
Welcome to the community. The Wynnewood American Legion Auxiliary Unit 511 invites you to come and fellowship with us at the American Legion Post 511.
Kimberly W.
Dallas, TX
Welcome, welcome! Thank you for your service!
Megan W.
Fort Riley, KS
We’re all in this together! ❤️🤍💙
Jen C.
Jacksonville, FL
As the widow of a WWII Veteran, a sister U.S. Air Force veteran (deceased), as well as having a career (both my husband and myself) with DOD, I want to warmly welcome each and every family to the DC area. There is much to see and do here. Thank you for all that you do.
Elaine H.
Bethesda, MD
Hello. Welcome and my family and I want to help any way we can. Thank you and God Bless.
William T.
Worcester, MA
Welcome Families cherish your love one ! Thank you for your service to our beautiful country ..
Katherine P.
Brooklyn, NY
We want to wish you the warmest WELCOME HOME! Take a deep breath and just get through one moment at a time. We all know the phrase “adapt and overcome.” Keep fighting. You got this!
Christa K.
Jacksonville, NC
Welcome! We are happy you are here. This military life is not easy but it helps to have others who understand. We can share the burden!
Ana J.
Fort Leavenworth, KS
Welcome to Washington, The Evergreen State! Visiting the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park is one of my favorite things to do. Its other-worldly characteristics are sure to spark your imagination!
Kimberly B.
Steilacoom, WA
Welcome to the Fort Hood area! The Great Place has a welcoming feel, a military-supportive civilian community, and lots of family-friendly activities. So jump in when you can and get to know your neighbors!
Amy M.
Nolanville, TX
Nathan W.
Welcome, being a military family you are part of a bigger forever family that travels with you around the world and retires with you when you finish your service! Military families are our families as our real families are far away, and they stay our families forever!
Laura T.
Layton, UT
I'm writing to let you all know that you are loved and very much appreciated by me and everyone who lives in my community of Kensington, Maryland.
Juanita Ann B.
Kensington, MD
Welcome and best wishes.
Remember that you are on a journey of a life time- your story. You may not always get to choose when or where you will go; however you can choose your attitude. Make the best of each transition. They are new chapters in your life story. Reach and make friends!
Peggy P.
Shiloh, IL
Thank you so much for your diligence and honor. I'm so happy to live in this country. Welcome welcome
Donna G.
Alexandria, VA
Welcome Beautiful Families to Blue Star Family!!
LaTalya J.
Temecula, CA
Welcome! Thank you for your service and sacrifice!!
Gina N.
Colorado Springs, CO


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