Welcome Week Messages

Thank you for protecting the united states. I love my school and we hang my dad's picture on veterans day when he used to be in the navy
Aaliyah L.
Fairfield, CT
Welcome to all PCSing to the Pacific Northwest. We hope to meet you soon at the Warrior Family Retreat. These are healing equine retreats that are free to military families. You can learn more and sign up at:
James H.
Fall City, WA
Welcome home veterans! Thank you for protecting us.
Samantha G.
Fairfield, CT
Welcome it's so hard to connect with others outside of our military community when we all live within civilian communities.
Tisha W.
Peoria, IL
Thank you for all that you have done and sacrificed! Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones!!
Tunde L.
Baton Rouge, LA
There are lots of fun parks to enjoy in CT. Make sure you visit them all
Shrey F.
Fairfield, CT
Hi! My name is Robbie. I’m seven years old and I hope you are having a good day. I’m glad you served for the military. Thank you! I love to go to the Discovery Museum. I like to play air hockey there.
Robbie M.
Fairfield, CT
Thank you for serving our country!
Kiersten C.
Fairfield, CT
Thank you for your service! You are most welcome in our community, we appreciate all your family has done to serve and to support those in service. We hope you like your new community, and have a chance to explore all this community and amazing state has to offer.
Peter O.
Fairfield, CT
Welcome home. As a veteran I know the transition can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. CTLDomGroup Inc was created for that very reason. To assist our veterans and their families transition into the community. We strive to meet our family needs.
Veteran first, family always.
Tiffany D.
Forest City, IA
I hope you have fun at your house.
Matthew G.
Fairfield, CT
Thank you for your service and serving our country. My Papa is a veteran. I love living in Fairfield, especially in the summer. I go to the beach at least twice a week. I love the movies and dance parties there and also the sunsets. We hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Christian W.
Fairfield, CT
On behalf the Alger Family of Milwaukee, WI we send our sincere gratitude for all that you do to keep us safe and protect the freedom of us today and our futures!
Adam A.
Milwaukee, WI
Thank you for protecting our city. I hope you feel like you accomplished a lot because you did.
inaya s.
Fairfield, CT
You are the best! We are proud of you! Thank you so much ❤️🇺🇸
Maria M.
Fairfield, CT
Hello & thank you for your service! I would love to welcome you to the east valley of AZ. I actually just moved here as well and I will be learning all about the new places and people here too. Just know you are never alone in your newness to a city and that there are friendly people everywhere!
Brianna B.
Tempe, AZ
Welcome to Fairfield! My mom grew up here, and I've lived here since I was 2. We love the beaches and hope you will, too!
Blake D.
Fairfield, CT
Welcome to Chicago and thank you for your service!
Veronika K.
Chicago, IL


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