About Blue Star Families and Welcome Week

Blue Star Welcome Week in NYC


Blue Star Families is the nation's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting military and Veteran families in the communities where they live. Since 2009, we have raised and delivered over $100 million in support and services to active-duty, National Guard, Reserve, wounded, transitioning service members and their families, and survivor families.

Together with our Blue Star Partners and local neighbors, we are solving specific challenges for military and Veteran families. We’re ensuring that wherever they go, they always feel connected, supported, and empowered to thrive—in every community, across the nation.

Why is Blue Star Welcome Week Important?

Around 600,000 active-duty and transitioning military families move each year, and these days, those moves are not onto bases but into local neighborhoods where folks can face isolation. Blue Star Welcome Week, is a nationwide campaign to build a better sense of belonging and community for all of us. Join us! 

Together, we can make a difference for the men and women who serve, Veterans, and their families, simply through participating in Blue Star Welcome Week. When families DO feel a sense of belonging, everything else improves - financial security, mental health and wellness, resilience, and even military retention.

"The sooner and the better they [military families] get integrated into the local community, the happier they are."

- General Joseph Dunford & Ellyn Dunford,
Blue Star Welcome Week Honorary Co-Chairs