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Military families are in our communities and need our support! Are you interested in championing future Blue Star Families initiatives? We would love to welcome you.

We have many ways you can get involved with supporting our initiatives—sponsors, in-kind sponsors, co-chairs, committee members, public supporters, sharers of information, and volunteers.

No gift or effort is too small when it comes to helping connect our military and Veteran families to the communities where they live and serve. Together, each of us comes together with what we have to offer, creating a wave of positivity that reaches all of our borders and beyond.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has shown support for Blue Star Welcome Week! You have made a difference.

Military Connected Families


Meet your Blue Star Welcome Week co-chairs. Thanks to the support from these leaders in our community, we can further the mission of Blue Star Welcome Week. We appreciate their dedication to helping military and Veteran families find a sense of belonging in their communities!


General Joseph Dunford

Honorary Co-Chair, Blue Star Welcome Week

U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)

19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Mrs. Ellyn Dunford

Honorary Co-Chair, Blue Star Welcome Week

Military Family Advocate

Craig Newmark

Honorary Co-Chair, Blue Star Welcome Week

founder, craigslist and craig newmark philanthropies

Board Member Emeritus, Blue Star Families

Interested in joining these leaders to represent your business or organization in support of Blue Star Families' initiatives?

Honorary Committee

Our honorary committee members lend their names and significant influence to champion the cause of Blue Star Welcome Week and generate event awareness in support of military and Veteran families.

Coming Soon!

Would you like to nominate an extraordinary individual who is passionate about helping military and Veteran families feel a sense of belonging in their communities?

Partner Organizations

A special thanks to organizations who have joined Blue Star Welcome Week as partners. These organizations stand alongside Blue Star Families in supporting our military families as they transition to new communities.

Coming Soon!


Meet the elected officials who have declared the last week of September as Blue Star Welcome Week. These leaders see and recognize the challenges military and Veteran families face, and they encourage their constituents to support the mission.

Coming Soon!

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